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Another kind of technology consists of producsts that make life more pleasant and comfortable. Following are some examples:

a. Plastic producsts - bags, bottles, buttons, slippers, toothbrushes, roofing materials, tables, chairs, raincoats, ad infinitum - certainly have made a great impact in our lives.

b. Toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries are practically indispensable to personal hygiene.

c. Chemical fertilizers, when properly used, greatly improve harvest of agricultural crops.

d. Stainless steel and other alloys are extensively used for kitchen utensils, wires, construction materials, and many others.
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Using the Stars

Every day the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We can use the Sun to help us find our way. Sailors often do this to find their way, or navigate, across the sea. They measure the position of the Sun in the sky at different time of the day. They know where the Sun should be at certain times in certain places, so they can work out where they are.

Bees also find their way by using the Sun. So do some birds, which fly hundreds of kilometres every year in autumn and spring, on their way to and from warmer countries.

At night, both sailors and birds find their way by the stars. They know where different stars, They know where different stars should be in the sky at different times, so they can tell their position just as they can from the Sun in the daytime.
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The skin on Liquids

Take a glass and fill it with water. When it is full right up to the top, stand it on a kitchen table and try adding more water to it, a drop at a time. Do this carefully and without shaking the glass. You will find that you can keep adding the drops until the water is above the rim of the glass.

Look at the top of the water and you will see a kind of skin stretching across it, which stops the water spilling out. All liquids have a kind of skin, caused by surface tension.

Look closely at the top of a pond and you will usually see signs of the skin there, too. You may see little flies walking about on top of the water and not sinking. You may also see insects called pond skaters, glinding across the water.

You can also see the surface tension working if you try to make a sieve hold water. Pour only a little water into the sieve very gently. The water will fill the holes in the sieve and bulge through them, but should stay there if you have been careful. Now try putting water in the sieve again, but mix a few drops of washing up liquid with water first. What happens this time?

When you go camping, you have to be careful not to break the surface skin of raindrops on the outside of the tent. If you touch the tent inside, the surface skin will break and the water will come through.
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Solid things hardly ever changes their shape or size. You can test this for yourself. Put two solid things, a piece of wood and a pebble, on a table. Measure them and remember what shape they are. Look at them again a few days later. Have they changed their size or shape? Will they change unless you cut them or smash them? This is one way in which solid things are different form liquids and gases.

Most of the things we find around us are solids. One solid you are sure to have in your home is sugar. If you look at sugar closely with a magnifying glass, you will see it is made up of thousands of tiny colourless pieces. These are the crystals of sugar.

Many other solid things make crystals, too. You can see shiny crystals in different colours and in different shapes. Some minerals make crystals shaped like tiny blocks. Others make long pointed crystals, rather like sharpened pencils.

In most rocks, the different shaped crystals are pressed tightly together. In some rocks, there are holes and here the crysals have space to grow into the most beautiful shapes.

Ice can also make beautiful crystals. You may see them on your window o a frosty morning, making feathery patterns as they may grow along the glass.
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Helath Programs that help decrease Morality

Health Programs in the community aim to protect & promote the health of the people, hence, to release morality.

Environment Health Programs such as:

* Safe Water Supply

* Sewage treatment & disposal

* Refuse Collection & disposal

* Milk & food sanitation

* Water, soil & air pollution control

* Insects, pests & rodent control

Health Service Program such as:

* Communicable disease control - there is the study of the disease or photogical condition of the population & the host agents & factors that influence the distribution.

* Medical Care - Hospital and hospital related services.

* Programs for special groups such as:

a. Modernal and child care

b. Services for children of scholage

c. Services for handicapped children

d. Tuberculosis control

e. Leprosy disease control

f. Venereal disease control

* Health Education

* Mental Health Program

* Family Planning Program

* Nutrition Program
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Making decisions by simply following your impulse is another decision making strategy used by many. It is defined as doing what you feel like doing at the moment. Acting on an impulse is not totally bad. It could be an ideal way. However, if the decision to be made will have a long time effect, impulsive decisions could be quite a mistake. Knowing that eating chocolates will add up to your weight should be enough to stop you from buying.
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Coronary Herat Disease

Coronary Heart Disease is a disease of the artery caused by the accumulation of atheromatous plaques within the walls of the arteries that supply the myocardium. Angina pectoris (chest pain) and myocardial infarction (heart attack) are symptoms of and conditions caused by coronary heart disease.

Over 459, 000 Americans die of coronary heart disease every year. In the United Kingdom, 101,000 deaths annually are due to coronary heart disease.

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