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Difference in Density of Adjoining Water Masses

You have learned what happens when two adjoining fluid masses differ in density. The denser mass sinks beneath the less dense mass.

The densities of water masses depend on two factors: (a) temperature and (b) salt content. Consider the four water samples at right. Their volume is expressed in liters, temperature in Celsius degrees, and salinity in parts per thousand (%0).
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How large is the object? Size is described subjectively by "large and small" And objectively by dimensions. But a description is more likely to meaningful if it is comparative. For instance, "The boo, nine by six by three inches thick, (9x6x3), is the same lenght and width as your textbook but more than twice as thick" is more descriptive than either of the following. "The book is a large one" or "The book is 9 inches by six inches by 3 inches.
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Hands Up!

In our daily lives, our hands sure come in handly. We use them to draw, play instruments, make crafts, and even just greet each other with high-fives! Since most of our actions involve our hands, we think its time we give a big hand to our hardworking hands.

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