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Job Opportunities Related to Beauty Culture

A graduate of cosmetology need not worry about employment. As mentioned, cosmetology is a much sought service today. Women of all ages and status go to beauty parlors for haircuts, make-up and other services. What the cosmetology graduate should be concerned about is his/her capability to give the kind of service desired.
The following job opportunities are available to cosmetologist:
1. manicurist/pedicurist
2. make-up artist
3. parlor attendant
4. shampoo girl
5. hair trimmer
6. hairstylist
7. beauty consultant
8. manager
9. instructress
10. cosmetic representative
11. demonstrator
12. beauty clinic attendant
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Factors of Responsible Parenthood

In the Philippines, having children is the fulfillment of marriage. How to adequately rear, love, take good care of and educate the children are the obligations and responsibilities that parents have to face. Preparing for responsible parenthood must take into consideration several factors are as follows:

Parental Role- Parents must not only provide physical and material needs but love, security and continuous guidance for the children to become upright, responsible and worthy members of the home and community.
2. Family relationship- Raising a family calls for a lot of interaction in the process of relating to one another. This requires discipline, training and harmonious relationship among the members. Harmonious relationship not only between husband and wife and children but with in-laws and relatives must be one of the central purpose of responsible parenthood.
3. Knowledge of child rearing- one has a better chance of rearing healthy, happy, intelligent children if parents are educated and prepared for their duties expected of parenthood.
4. Emotional adjustments- As couples enter into another realm of married life which is parenthood, they must be emotionally prepared and committed to change their life style. Couples who are emotionally adjusted stands a better chance of coping with the situation.
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Bedroom Dresser

When it comes to bedroom furniture, choose not only hold but can also be a beautiful piece and suits to your own style and taste. Rustic bedroom furniture, combine the beauty of red oak with the splendor of Hickory wood for a natural look even years to come. The price is affordable and the quality is high enough to a long lasting bedroom dresser furniture. Having unique bedroom designs can change the ambiance of your room, and these furniture will also serve as a bedroom decor, because it can make your room look more polished and beautiful when you select rustic style bedroom dressers.
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The Filipino Family in Relation to Culture

The socialization process which a child undergoes in the home and in the society are made up of cultural traditions which will be transmitted to the next generation. It is through the family that this customs and traditions are preserved and handed down to the next generation.
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 | By: Rose

Does Hair Coloring Damage Hair

Any process that uses chemicals on out hair causes damage. That's why we need to take extra care of our hair once we've colored it. Get a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment twice a month for maintenance. Try L'Oreal's Powerdose Treatment. You can apply styling products to your hair before blow-drying to protect hair from further damage.

Any one can color their hair, but it is not recommended for children. Their hair is still too soft, so the chemicals may be too harsh for them. They should be at an age when they can already take care of their hair. Usually, 16-year-olds can start with some highlights.

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