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New Pyramid Found in Egypt

Yeah, I heard the news this week that their is a new pyramid found in Egypt. Amazing huh?

The pyramid is 4,300-year-old monument is believed to be the tomb of Queen Sesheshet, the mother of Pharaoh Teti, the founder ancient Egypt's 6th dynasty.


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Tornado Destruction

Tornados are very scarey for me but I wanted to see it in real. I never seen tornado in real in my own eyes.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | By: Rose

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Water enters the roots of plants and reaches all parts of the plant body primarilly through capillarity, although there are other factors that facilitate the process. Most big pkants have very fine tube, called xylem vessele through which water travels inside the plant body. In the leaves, you can see bundles of this tube in the form of leaf veins.
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Celing Fans Online

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Did You Know?

Soap manufacturers add a chemical called trisodium phosphate to detergents. This chemical, often reffered to simply as phosphate, reacts with water, lowering its surface tension and thereby causing clothes to get wet faster.
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Enclume Pot Racks

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Making Electricity

The electricity that we use in our homes is made along way away. It is made, or generated, in a power station. From the power stations, the electricity travels all over the country through overhead cables. Steel towers called pylons carry the cables. Are there any pylons near where you live?

In most power stations the electricity is made by huge machines, called steam turbines. Steam from a boiler spins the turbines, and the turbines turn the generators that make the electricity. Some power stations use water turbines to turn the generators. Water flowing downhill through pipes spins these turbines.
This is a steam power station. Most stations burn coal or oil to heat up the water in the boiler.

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